CO2 Fire Suppression System

CO2 Fire Suppression System

CO2 Fire Suppression System that we supply is sourced from the trustworthy manufacturers and vendors present in the market. CO2 Fire Suppression System features colorless, odorless, and electrically non-conductive gas used for suppressing the fire. Our CO2 Fire Suppression System is accredited for its intelligent, reliable and fast-acting control owing to which it quickly senses the fire and act accordingly. There is minimal clean-up costs and downtime associated with our CO2 Fire Suppression System. Furthermore, we are also involved in the installation of the suppression system on turnkey basis.

Types Of CO2 Fire Suppression System :

  • Total Flooding systems: Has fixed CO2 supply system connected to piping with nozzles
  • Local Application systems: Discharges of CO2 directly on burning materials
  • Hand Hose Line Systems: Supplies CO2 to hose lines

Benefits of CO2 :

  • Fast - Within seconds, CO2 penetrates the entire hazard areas to smother the combustion.
  • Environmentally Friendly - CO2 exists as a gas in the earth's atmosphere and is one of the by-products of combustion. Its use has no environmental impact.
  • Non-damaging - CO2 does not cause spoilage, requires no clean up and leaves no residue.
  • Non-conductive - CO2 is electrically non-conductive, allowing use for a wide variety of special applications
  • Adaptive - CO2 is effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials.

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