Wireless Fire Detection System

Wireless Fire Detection System

We are into the business of supplying an innovative Wireless Fire Detection System. It easily detects smoke and fire. The installation of our Wireless Fire Detection System is very simple and hassle-free. It offers a cost-effective solution to all fire detection problems. Moreover, we also provide installation of the system on turnkey basis. We offer wireless smoke alarms and wireless smoke detectors, which can be programmed in any zone between 1 to 999 nos. It is attached with a power radio emitter which gets activated by the presence of smoke and sends radio waves to the panel. It also features an in-built hooter as well as radio emitter that functions with call button.


Comparison of Wireless with Wired Smoke Detection / Security Systems

  • No wiring and conducting works on radio waves. Lot of concealed wiring is required in case of wired system.
  • Each detector works as an independently unit. So in case of non-working of particular detector it does not have any effect on the system. But in case of Wired System Complete zone / system becomes effected due to damaging of wire or failure of connection.
  • Zero maintenance and no AMC required. AMC is must and tedious job in case of wired system.
  • Immediate Installations. 200 nos. of detectors with panel can be installed in a single day even when building is occupied. Appx. 20 days are required in case of wired system.
  • Complete flexibility. Any time there is a requirement for any modernization of the building. Any detector / panel can be shifted as per requirements.
  • Easy testing while every time it is practically not possible to test the system by generating smoke. A test button is available with each wireless smoke detectors and just pressing the button is sufficient for working of detector, panel and emitter.

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